"Redeem My Stroke Ep. 4" l Bigg Jah

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  • Bigg Jah
    Bigg Jah

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  • Stuygym

    These redeem my strokes are hilarious!🤣🤣🤣

  • Big Manny Sr
    Big Manny Sr

    Bruh, the walk to the car....still hurting from laughing! Outstanding as always Que!

  • Daryl Randle
    Daryl Randle

    Bigg Jah you be finding the thick Queens all the time my guy and they are always up to the challenge lol

  • Telly Haktin
    Telly Haktin

    Man even though he’s trying to redeem himself for the weak pipe game. We can all say he was laying down some bad chicks. Haha

  • moneyman2200

    Jah allowing every brother who had that one bad "performance" the ability to live vicariously through him in these skits. Allowing us to dream of what we would do if we could "redeem our stroke" in real life....love this nikka......🤣🤣🤣

  • marskeezy01

    I know Blue Chew better be giving you some good checks. I can imagine the business you probably brought them.

  • kerry johnson
    kerry johnson

    Lmao the "business" line was genius 😂😂😂

  • Tony A.
    Tony A.

    Bruh signed a multi year blue chew deal… getting to the bag , love it

  • X Q
    X Q

    When your wife wants it on Thursday night but you so tired and still have Friday before the weekend. So she gets mad because you do a poor job. You tell her wait till Saturday night. When you aren't stressed and tired...😂😂

  • Keith Reynolds
    Keith Reynolds

    One of the first thinks I look forward to about Jah videos is what names he comes up with lol.

  • Al Brown
    Al Brown

    Bomante and Ramada 😂 the names always get me

  • Jeffery Burgess
    Jeffery Burgess

    Keep it up big dog, you never let us down with a daily laugh

  • A Han
    A Han

    Should have an electric scooter on the bumper hitch on standby after cooking the yams

  • Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC.
    Leroy Mckenzie Jr. JNF Enterprises LLC.

    Jah, u've done it again bruh, I wasn't ready for the end part. That was hilarious!!!!!lol great series!!!!

  • E Amsterdam
    E Amsterdam

    Wah!!! "Redeem my stroke" series is back!!!

  • Marcus Franklin
    Marcus Franklin

    That Patrick Swayze line had me dying 🤣🤣

  • jonathan collier
    jonathan collier

    The danger to this being a series is that it solidifies Jah's character as a dude who consistently gives out bad pipe through out the community.

  • Jaylon L
    Jaylon L

    “And now I’m Mr Meat Man”🤣🤣

  • blakjedi

    Hit em with the "leg day" stroke. Lol genius as usual Jahh!

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