"I'm Just Her Work Husband" l

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  • Marlonious76

    There are alot of dudes in jail for this same way of thinking.

  • Big B
    Big B

    If you have to do that even once she is not your b****.

  • Leon Francis
    Leon Francis

    Miss me with this work wife and work husband stuff.

  • Mississippi Billy
    Mississippi Billy

    Shout out to y'all reading this in prison over a female...them cheeks getting cracked right now

  • vtaylor21

    And he put it on the dead homies. Never go against the dead homies.

  • Essence Nicole
    Essence Nicole

    "I will buy that bitch some flowers......" Gawtdamn!!😂🤣😂🤣

  • Darnell Hines
    Darnell Hines

    When your girl belongs to the streets but you don't realize and the dead homies not here to tell you it's just your turn.

  • Rodney Daniels
    Rodney Daniels

    I used to laugh at situations like these until a lady classmate disappeared and was found buried, after being beaten to death n Stabbed over 40 times due to her cheating n her bf finding out.

  • Darick Randall
    Darick Randall

    He ain't joking he have yo head leaking 🤣

  • Jeanette Scott
    Jeanette Scott

    That's not love, that's possessiveness! Inmate-in-waiting!

  • Hunter 82
    Hunter 82

    When Keeping it real goes wrong

  • James Mosley
    James Mosley

    That "Thang" must be real good!

  • Rolando Hyche
    Rolando Hyche

    I was not expecting that. He loves that woman. Leave her alone ✌️✌️ Dueces!!

  • My Own Wrld
    My Own Wrld

    Dudes be doin all that just for the woman to not even love them 😂

  • Rel2Rel Rel
    Rel2Rel Rel

    Fool loves leased cat, and the real fool puts his life on the line for rented cat.

  • Lord von Manor
    Lord von Manor

    You need to divorce your work wife before the Dead Homies rise up

  • X-man

    I'm not dying or serving a life sentence for no fish when I'm a breast, thighs and leg man....😆 ..🐟...🍗🍗

  • tracy garrett
    tracy garrett

    If u gotta do all that, she aint yours

  • lite brite 27
    lite brite 27


  • Monique Stewart
    Monique Stewart

    I'm DEAD LOL 😂😂😂😂😂