SHOT BY; @officialminks
ARTIST: @euroz_
SONG: Boblo Boat Remix www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly9c0...

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  • Larmar Florian
    Larmar Florian3 vjet më parë

    This one was off the charts. The plot twist was perfect.

  • John Liles
    John Liles3 vjet më parë

    "Go get you some cantaloupe and go lay down, man"😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mingo
    Mingo3 vjet më parë

    Lmao this got to be the most underrated channel on youtube

  • Jerome Brown
    Jerome Brown3 vjet më parë

    He got finessed out of a 100 dollars.😂😂

  • Christ Abel Mouangou
    Christ Abel Mouangou2 vjet më parë

    "Better wear a condom."

  • Renzo YT
    Renzo YT3 vjet më parë

    “You tryna smash my mom”

  • James Brown
    James Brown3 vjet më parë

    This woman is seriously fine. And that's all natural.

  • Diamond Thai Music
    Diamond Thai Music3 vjet më parë

    Damn always you have the most interesting scenarios for your sketches. Respect from London 🙌🏾

  • Robert L Smith Jr
    Robert L Smith Jr2 vjet më parë

    This is one of the best clips on the channel. Lil man had me rolling 😂😂😂

  • Real News That Matters
    Real News That Matters3 vjet më parë

    It was a set up.......... they split that $100.00 😂😂😂 They've done that shit before.

  • Cowboi Bishop & Rotating Ring Kings TV
    Cowboi Bishop & Rotating Ring Kings TV3 vjet më parë

    “ Go get U sum cantaloupe & lay down “ That 1 line brought me 2 tears! U earned it, that hardly ever happens anymore. Subscribed!!!

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out3 vjet më parë

    If she think u hit me.. NO BUNSS 🤕😂😂

  • Scott Collin
    Scott Collin3 vjet më parë

    Why the son look like Craig Mack 😂😂😂

  • C Parker
    C Parker3 vjet më parë

    LMFAO 😂🤣 that kid played him to da max..... I love this shhhh....

  • WHATTODO Marrakech
    WHATTODO Marrakech3 vjet më parë

    This one is my favorite Bro!!!

  • Proto rave Aehronius
    Proto rave AehroniusVit më parë

    “Go get you some cantaloupe and lay day” had me crying

  • Jay Leezy
    Jay Leezy3 vjet më parë

    I had to rewind like 5 times to watch that chocolate smoothie walk away 😍

  • tommy tommy
    tommy tommy2 vjet më parë

    Did anybody realize she said give me 5 minutes to go get my keys 🤦🏽

  • Straight Hooded
    Straight Hooded3 vjet më parë

    "gimme a hundred dollas or you ain't gettin no buns" 😂

  • Haitian Prodigy
    Haitian Prodigy3 vjet më parë

    That was hella funny😀😀😀. Little man made him come out his pocket reaaaal smooth😀. No violence, just good ol Jedi Mindtrick bribery😀😀😀😀😀😀!