"Armpit Heaven" l

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Starring @Audg Lachelle Kinkead
Cinematography and Editing By www.youtube.com/user/1225Antonio
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  • Bigg Jah
    Bigg Jah

    Get 20% OFF @MANSCAPED + Free shipping at

  • Dukes

    That sneak up to his armpit while shaving is classic. 😆

  • Andre Crawford
    Andre Crawford

    You never fail when it comes to creativity🔥

  • fernando pika
    fernando pika

    This man is the greatest promotor ever🤣🤣 if i had a product, he would definitely make the commercial

  • Desmond Gurley
    Desmond Gurley

    Ariel's level of devotion to the sketch is unmatched lolol

  • TheAllnPttrsn

    Big Jah is is incredible. You are the diamond status of video skits. 2 da maxx!

  • Darrick Harris
    Darrick Harris

    This is hilarious 😆. Her acting is always on point.

  • juantubey

    Mad props for that first scene. That's real commitment.

  • Ryan Clottey
    Ryan Clottey

    She curved the kiss for a sniff 😂😂

  • dayhenryjr1

    This hilarious skit definitely sold me on that deodorant 2 da maxxx 😂

  • Love33

    Just classic entertainment. Jah don't play no games with the content.

  • Codeine Crazzy
    Codeine Crazzy

    Keep ‘em coming💯🤣

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    This is hilarious! Yall's chemistry is amazing

  • marskeezy01

    Manscape would get more bang for they buck if they put this whole 🔥 ass commercial on tv

  • Untraceable Don
    Untraceable Don

    Bigg Jah, you're crazy funny, I'm just laughing from start to end.

  • Foolish Gambit
    Foolish Gambit

    U a damn genius how u advertise products no lie. No corny cut scene just a classic funny skit

  • Anduin Arilan
    Anduin Arilan

    Her strange walk away was on point.

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight

    “I wish I had a time machine”…….🤣🤣🤣🤣 I caught that lol. Dope!!!

  • KingMan

    It's girls bro.🤣🤣They have this sensation for the weirdest smells.. My bm is literally the epitome of this skit.... I've called her a weirdo numerous times🤣🤣🤣🤣Gotta love them tho

  • Furius Stiles
    Furius Stiles

    This is some real shit. I thought it weird but learned to accept it.