"5 ROUNDS" | Bigg Jah

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"5 ROUNDS" | Bigg Jah

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  • Caron Miles
    Caron MilesVit më parë

    "I'm a barbarian with the buns, a monster with the meats, and a champion of the cheeks..." -ToDaMaxxxx

  • M Dub
    M DubVit më parë

    The fact that she called her girl to FINISH HIM! Makes me happy! Happy to know that she’d pass the buns and yams to the meat... SO WE ALL CAN EAT! And That... and that makes me happy🥺

  • BereanWatchman
    BereanWatchmanVit më parë

    Dam," the wheelchair is for you, thank me in advance" that was gangsta 😂😂😂

  • Frank Brown
    Frank BrownVit më parë

    She used her life line and called a friend to step in....😂😂😂

  • Leslie Martin
    Leslie MartinVit më parë

    Girl: "I can't feel my legs!"

  • Katlego Mashile
    Katlego MashileVit më parë

    Can we just take the time 2 appreciate the editing 🔥

  • Jacobi Dempsey
    Jacobi DempseyVit më parë

    Glad she came back. They have good chemistry...and she hella fine.

  • Ololade Lawal
    Ololade LawalVit më parë

    "Come Tag-in, take these backshots" Those lines are fire.

  • Black Hebrew
    Black HebrewVit më parë

    First Off I Wanna Say Thank Jah! 💯 Thank My Big Homie Jay Ali On The Beat & Mix! Thank Bigg Jah & Your Team! Thank Those Of You Who Liked The Track. 🙏💯 Stay Safe

  • foopyu nooui
    foopyu noouiVit më parë

    Yoo! Jah was talking to her like she was a patient at a doctor's office lol

  • vinasu maaj
    vinasu maajVit më parë

    This man's Adlibs are legendary

  • maddskillz4568521
    maddskillz4568521Vit më parë

    Hope you get your big break you definitely deserve it keep on putting out this magnificent content bro we need a little bit of laughter with all that's going on

  • Andre Alexander
    Andre AlexanderVit më parë

    She: "you got to come tag in, take these rounds."

  • Ricardo Burton
    Ricardo BurtonVit më parë

    "I was already a savage in the sheets, but with Blue Chew I'm a Barbarian with the buns, a monster wit the meats, and a Champion in the cheeks" 😂😂

  • Tooshaine
    TooshaineVit më parë

    I love your work brother. They keep me lit with laughter and trips everytime brother. Welldone!

  • Christ Abel Mouangou
    Christ Abel MouangouVit më parë

    "I was already a Savage in the sheets. But with BlueChew, I'm a Barbarian with the Buns, a Monster with the Meats, and a Champion in the Cheeks."

  • Carl Burnside
    Carl BurnsideVit më parë

    Appreciate the laughs homie 😂, good comedic therapy in stressful times

  • maddskillz4568521
    maddskillz4568521Vit më parë

    Big Jah you went hard on this one amazing I never laughed so hard bro

  • Dye Slo
    Dye SloVit më parë

    She used a lifeline and phoned a friend to come take these backshots!!!!! I'm WEAK!!!!💀💀💀💀

  • Rozneik
    RozneikVit më parë

    First...it was because you're hilarious and a great director.